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This is just a quick section to address frequently asked questions about the mod. Further information may be available in the other pages and will be linked when relevant.

The mod crashes

For any other errors please provide a crash log on the discord in #narutomod, and we will try to help or raise a bug to get it fixed. If you are certain it is a bug in the mod please raise a bug report on the github.

Animations aren't working

We haven't currently re-implemented this in 1.18 yet. Though we will start working on it soon.

When is the next update?

We look to add a minimum update window of about a week or two unless a major bug is found. This is to allow some time for the testers to find bugs or suggest tweaks so there are less large changes constantly happening.

As for major updates such as new jutsus, I have no idea how often they will be though we look to start toying with new more major features during streams. So if you want something which seems like a good/logical addition to the mod in its current state feel free to tune into the weekly streams at

What are the jutsu?

Check the /jutsu list command in game for all the abilities available in your current version. We will try to keep jutsus up to date as much as possible.

Can you add (insert cool jutsu that I like)

We have a #mod-suggestions channel section on our discord server so feel free to make a suggestion there :D I won't be able to check them although any that spark discussion via threads are more likely to grab my attention.

Though remember I am only one guy and there's a lot of code to do, so I can't just make every suggestion I see sadly :(

Can I use this mod for my modpack/redistribute the mod?

We are perfectly fine with mod packs and redistributing the mod. Provided that you are not claiming to have created the mod yourself, or are impersonating any team members or contributors.

Can I use the mod in my videos?

Granted that you are not claiming to have created the mod yourself, or are impersonating any team members or contributors. We are not bothered about this at all.

We have had situations where people have "given credit" while showing off features "they added". As long as you don't make these sorts of ridiculous claims, we are 100% fine with it.

Will you update to version x.x.x?

Updates for latest version

We will try to update to the latest version forge supports as much as possible and support the sub-versions as well. So typically if the mod reports that it works for 1.18.1 it should work for all versions of 1.18.0 and any future versions, its just that we have verified and compiled it against that version. We will only remove support for older minor versions if mc adds a breaking change.

Supporting older versions

Unfortunately due to time constraints and system changes between major versions it isn't really reasonable due to the different types of content added to support multiple versions at once. We have no plans to actively support older versions of mc even if we have released versions for it.

The excuse of "but most mods are on x version" only stays true if mod authors refuse to update their mod to the latest version or stop maintaining their mods due to other reasons. I don't want to become part of that problem by continuing to stay on older versions longer than I need to.

Can you make a fabric version?

Due to the underlying library I am writing at this current time there are too many systems relying on forge specific code. If the cross compatibility mods add the main features I need, I may consider it in the future but forge for now is the priority.