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Jutsus & Abilities

/jutsu list command

Even if the list on this website is out of date, an up-to-date list can be found by typing /jutsu list in the chat.

If you find that any info is out of date please let me know or click the edit this page button to suggest a change. Any changes will be reviewed by the mod team and if accepted will be added to the list.

All the combos listed here are using the default keys. If you have altered your keybindings they may be different.


Double Jump


Combo: Jump while in the air

Cost: 2 Chakra & 5 Stamina

You can jump an additional time while in midair. This will also reset your fall distance and can be used to negate fall damage.


Combo: X while on the ground

Cost: 10 Stamina

This ability can be used to cover large distances quickly.

Water Walking

Combo: B to toggle on or off

Cost: 2.4 Chakra/Second while steady, 20 Chakra/Second while underwater

Using a small amount of chakra, this ability allows you to walk on water. This also allows the use of abilities such as leap which require you to be on the ground. If this ability is activated while underwater, chakra will be drained quickly propelling yourself out of the water.



Combo: CVC

Cost: 30 Chakra

Water Bullet

Combo: CBV

Cost: 30 Chakra


Combo: CV

Cost: 1 substitution charge (can stack up to 3 times)

If a location is marked and close enough then you will teleport to the marked location. Otherwise you will be teleported somewhere randomly nearby.

Substitution (Mark)

Combo: CV (Hold)

Cost: free

Mark a location for substitution. A visual marker will appear which will turn red when you are out of range.