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This list does not include bugfixes or some of the more spontanious features. For info on each update check the changelog.

These are not set in stone but this is the currently planned roadmap.

  1. Base Weapons (kunai, shuriken & a few more)
  2. Headbands
  3. Anbu Masks
  4. Ability System
  5. Fireball Jutsu
  6. Water Bullet Jutsu
  7. Leap Ability
  8. Water Walking
  9. Double Jump
  10. Substitution
  11. Update to 1.19
  12. Port armour and weapons from 1.7.10
  13. Buff jutsu speed
  14. Leap rework (allow for charging a leap)
  15. Earth wall
  16. Finish lingering system (will allow for far more complex jutsu)
  17. Wind style gale palm
  18. Chakra Dash
  19. Blocking on sneak (will use stamina and allow for basic blocking)
  20. Animation System
  21. Jutsu icons for cooldowns
  22. Commands to add or remove jutsus from players (will be useful for maps + lead onto clans in the future)
  23. More survivival support (Crafting recipes)
  24. More Weapons (likely 2 swords from the mist and large shuriken)
  25. Military Pills
  26. Wall walking
  27. Transformation Jutsu
  28. Rasengan